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Below are some frequently asked questions and answers to help you. Just click on the question to see the answer.

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This is a very good question. We tell our families to take time and walk around the cemetery and examine the many different sizes, colors and shapes of monuments available. Pay close attention to the craftsmanship and quality of the carvings, etchings and lettering fonts available. Understand that your memorial requires careful thought and planning.


There are several qualities you should look for when choosing a memorial company:

Your primary concern should be with how they treat you. A company does not have your best interest at heart, they will pressure you into making a hasty decision or a decision based on price; they will call on you uninvited, or they many call you shortly after your family’s funeral. A reputable company like Schneider Monument will never pressure you to make a decision with which you are not confident. We will not harass you during your time of grieving. We will always treat you with respect.

You will also want to look for a well-established company. You should feel comfortable knowing the company you are going to work with will be around for 10-20 years, and more, should anything happen to your memorial. Schneider Monument Company was established in 1935, serving families throughout Wisconsin for nearly a century!


Cremation is only a different method of preparing an individual for eternal rest. As cremation grows in popularity, we would still like to encourage you to consider a traditional memorial for your loved one. Traditional memorials provide an important place for you to maintain your connection to your loved one and your memories.

A cremation memorial can be a personal or family memorial located in a traditional cemetery setting. Even if the remains are not interred in the cemetery, the deceased’s name can still be inscribed on a memorial and placed in the cemetery providing the family with a focus for their time of grieving and a place for future generations to visit.


Never purchase a monument from a brochure or online. Go to a location where they have a display. A local company has a stake in the community so your approval is their concern. An Internet company is only interested in your sale, they will not be there for setting, or any problems that arise in the future.


Compare, compare, compare! We can’t stress this factor enough. Keep in mind the same size and color DOES NOT mean the same quality. Like diamonds that come from the Earth, there are many different grades of granite.


Schneider Monument has a complete manufacturing shop with an automated sandblasting booth and one booth for shape carvings. We take great pride in having the ability to create your story in stone at our own studio and installing the memorials we create ourselves.


Today’s funeral directors/homes are facing increasingly high loss of revenue due to the high rate of cremation services that many families now desire. To combat this huge loss of revenue, the funeral director might try to sell monuments out of a catalog or a limited display.

The large majority of funeral homes that sell monuments outsource the production and design to actual monument companies. Knowing absolutely nothing about the design and production of monuments, the funeral director cannot really speak from the standpoint of knowing all the details involved in the selection and creating of a monument. This lack of experience of knowledge does provide an injustice to the family seeking professional advice about monument.

Bottom Line:
Funeral = funeral director
Monument= Schneider Monument


The price of a cemetery memorial depends on the quality of the material, shape and color. Keep in mind there are different grade of granite available. Any company that says they’re all the same is selling the cheaper grade. A memorial can range from a few hundred dollars and up.


There is no “right” time or “wrong” time to select a memorial for your loved one. Some families are able to make a decision within just a few days of their loved one’s passing, while others need more time and won’t be ready for many months. Only you will know when the time is right.


There are many benefits to making your own final arrangements, not the least of which is saving your family the stress of choosing a memorial during their time of grieving.


Every cemetery has their own set of rules and regulations regarding what kinds of memorials they allow. Schneider Monument Company will help you to select a memorial that is both fitting for your loved one, and also complies with the rules of the cemetery where the monument will be installed. You can also check with the cemetery staff for more information as to what is permitted.


Some cemeteries charge a fee to locate the grave for placement of the memorial, or for pouring the cement foundation. Cemetery fees range from $5 to over several hundred dollars, depending on the cemetery.


No problem, with the advent of the fax and computer, many families find the out of town purchase of a memorial to be pleasurable, stress free experience. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will exceed all of your expectations as we carefully work to accommodate your family from the initial stages of design through completion of your memorial.


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